Outlook Mail is the old and beloved Hotmail mail that we all met. If you have never heard of Hotmail then you are very new to the world of information technology and the Internet, but Hotmail led much of the history of e-mail in the world, especially since its launch in 1996 until the mid-1990s. 2000 when it appeared the hottest competitor of Hotmail, Gmail Mail provided by Google.

Until the appearance of Gmail, Hotmail was the leader of the emails mainly by the rapid diffusion of a system that allowed to chat live with webcam, to send files and to connect computers simultaneously to a conversation called MSN Messenger. To use this program it was necessary to have a valid Microsoft account, of course very few people had an email, so creating Hotmail account became common currency every day.

Right now the system is named Outlook Mail, as determined by Microsoft since the beginning of 2013, there are currently mailboxes of type @ hotmai.com, but always to log in we will go to the Outlook web page.
Currently Outlook offers a free email account with the possibility of accessing an online office system with Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other known Microsoft Office elements, also to the Microsoft cloud called OneDrive and you can chat directly with your contacts Skype from your inbox.

Steps to Login hotmail and open your inbox
Open my hotmail email account now. Steps to start hotmail session correctly. How to open my hotmail emails in the new Outlook account? Is Outlook the same tray as hotmail?

In case you still did not know Hotmail migrated to Outlook Mail in the middle of 2013, your old hotmail account now opens from Outlook.com which is the official webmail offered by Microsoft company. Sorry, you did not lose any of your contacts or your stored emails, except that the new address and the service name has changed.

Log in to Hotmail Mail in English Step by Step
If you enter the web browser of your computer www.hotmail.com you will see how you are redirected to the web Outlook.com, no problem, it is not a mistake, as we told you now Hotmail is Outlook, in the same way when entering the Username you will not have problems and you will not have to process the register in Outlook at all, your account has been migrated.

In short, open hotmail and open Outlook is the same.

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